Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Black Fauxdori with White Stitching and Elastic Pen/Pencil Holder

 Black Narrow fauxdori in our pocketed version with an elastic pen/pencil holder stitched in...
 Bought the striped pencils at the Target dollar spot and I should've bought two packs.  When I went back for more they were gone...I'm kinda picky about my pencils and how they write.  These turned out to be great little pencils and of course both my kids claimed one.
 This is two Midori inserts just for the photos but you could easily fit 5 probably more if you wanted.
 Black is usually not a color I would choose but I really like the black with the contrasting white stitching.  This is one of the best parts of having the Etsy shop.  Getting to make things that are different from my own choices and share what we do with other people.
 This was purchased by a fellow Etsy shop owner "stop and jot crafts" she is on instagram as well and does some really cool hand drawn stickers! Check out her shop if you are a planner addict ;)
 It was a gorgeous day to be outside photographing...
 School is gearing up to start again and our schedule will be changing.  So we are enjoying the last of our summer break.

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