Monday, November 11, 2013

Mini Cross Body Bag in Scarlet

This little beauty is going on Etsy here soon...working out some measurements and details on the listing...
I have been working on a large, molded bag in Yellow and I wanted to get some photos of it on a person so my husband took a bunch of photos of three different bags while I was wearing them and I tried not to squirm while he was taking the photos.
This is the smallest bag I 've made.  And it actually came about because we cut the wrong pattern for a wallet so I decided to try making a bag out of it.
 It holds a phone, keys, sunglasses and a few cards..not much more than that, but it's great because it's so light to carry.  
The closure is my favorite part...all leather.  There is no metal at all on the bag itself.  The tab slides down through the bottom half of the oval.  And is actually very secure and tight.  
Kind of fun to think about styling the photos....
all those colors and combinations...

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