Monday, December 17, 2012

Homemade Caramel Candies

The end of last week I got to spend the day with some of the best girls in the world!  
My Mom and nieces and two sweet girls that are like sisters to me...we spent the whole day baking and making and it was such a great day.
We tried this for the first time...
Caramel Candy recipe from Martha Stewart
They are amazing!
These white and chocolate covered cherries from one of my mom's recipes...
These chocolate and toffee covered pretzels....
So much yummy stuff!!!


  1. We made a caramel candies which looks almost the same with this one, but the wrapper that we used are the edible ones. It's a bit hard mixing it manually but it is worthy. The little guys(cousins) loves them so much and they are asking for us to made them much more. What kind of chocolate did you use on those cookies? I'm trying to bake some cookies which is composed a lot of zinc, I'm trying to keep the little guys from having zinc deficiency just like what I have. It's hard but cooking and having fun is a part of my life that changed me into a better person.

  2. I think we used chocolate chips with a little bit of butter....not sure which of of the chocolates you were wanting to know about. The white chocolate was specifically for candy (in large blocks). Edible wrappers sounds AMAZING!!!! Something I'd love to have more information about if you 've got it to share!!!