Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reupholstering Slipper Chair finishing touches

 I am getting so close to finishing up---getting really excited to see her all done.  
 This is the cotton wadding which covers the springs and the knots tying off the tufting.  The wadding on the seat back (in the front) and seat would get this and then a layer of Dacron.   The gentleman at the upholstery shop suggested using a high loft poly Dacron on the seat as opposed to the cotton wadding then then the thin Dacron.  He said the cotton wadding is similar to down in that it tends to mash down only it doesn't return.  I thought that was helpful information and appreciated his help!
 This is the cardboard tack strip --
Underneath my hand on the left is the roll part at the top of the chair (the chair is still upside down)
 You can buy metal tack strips that work differently but I just decided to go with the card board and tack it in by hand

 At this point the fabric is tacked down the sides and a few on the bottom--
 just enough to hold it in place 
(you can also see the second chair on the left in the background)
 Here's a photo of the side...
 Here's a photo of the front too all finished up...
 I'm hand stitching the piping and side panels on as well...
 I pinned and stitched the side attached to the front of the seat first then added a very thin layer of cotton wadding, pinned and stitched the side that attached to the back.
This process definitely requires alot of skills and patience...

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  1. Beautiful has been years since I did a chair, so you are refreshing my mind and giving me courage to continue attacking the one I have...this one is beautiful