Thursday, November 29, 2012

Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations

Made some trees:) After seeing some ideas on pinterest --
last year right after the Holidays I pinned the wire ones because I had just made a slew of wire stars...
I had thought about using cardboard cones then as forms to help make the wire ones.  My sister used them to make angels years ago recycling cereal boxes and pop boxes 
(or soda boxes whichever you prefer...)
The styrofoam ones are expensive--
Or maybe I'm just cheap
Then this morning I saw this post...
Time to make some trees!

At this point I decided to spray paint our little cones just in case the salts or whatever I put on them didn't cover completely 
we used silver and gold of course--

We colored some Epsom salts for the 3 small ones. Rolled the trees in Mod Podge and then the salts.... 
And that was probably a good idea since the salts don't really cover it solidly...glitter would probably have been a better choice.
The one on the far left is gold with lentils glued on...
They're a nice little handmade decoration to add to the ever growing collection at our house...