Thursday, October 11, 2012

Necktie Wristlets

 Here are my first ten necktie wristlets...
I try to "document" all the things I make so I have photos to look back on later.  I posted the other day about the first one (the brown with the large cream dots near the middle)...but thought it was fun to see them together like this!
 This weekend is a huge Sauerkraut Festival in Waynesville, Ohio.  
 I was hoping to get a nice little group of these done to take up to the shop that sells our things.
 I have been using mine like crazy and I've already been thinking about how I could improve them....
 Just another thing to mess around with making!  And of course I love the variety of colors and styles of fabric.
I'll never look at neckties the same way again!!!!


  1. Rae, I will be on the look out for ties! I love these! I want one for me, and another one for a Christmas gift. So, after Sauerkrout Festival you can make some more! LOL Once we draw names for Christams on Eric's side I may get a couple more.

  2. Wow, Rachel! Those are so beautifully done. So artful and professional!

    1. Thank-you! They are a fun little sewing project to make and a good way to repurpose those funky vintage ties too :)