Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Remodeling a Bathroom

SO what started as JUST replacing the bathtub and surround has become almost a total bathroom overhaul....we just remodeled this room about 4 years ago and this is how it looked...

We discovered a crack near the back of the tub a few months ago and knew we were going to have to replace it quickly because our home is for sale...

 So we bought a new tub and surround and my husband started tearing the old one out.  Then he and his Dad put this new one in ---on Father's Day week-end no less :)
 See that nice little gap in the flooring between the tub and the tiles?????  Yeah that would be because this tub is about 2 inches narrower than the old one....
AND you cannot buy our flooring any more...
So I'll be redoing the flooring as well...probably the same flooring we used in the dining room because we have 2 boxes left over from that project so it will almost do the whole bathroom.
It's the Allure vinyl flooring from Home Depot in the Hickory color/finish.

Which means taking the toilet out ---and then I'm thinking about redoing the floor and how I really don't like the vanity we have so we took that out too :)  Might as well go all the way right??!?!?!?
 Our bathrooms are small and I really like having the pedestal sink in our hall bathroom...
I'm shopping for a wall hung sink and something more creative for storage.
In my mind this is our bathroom!!!  Gorgeous huh?????


  1. Sounds like projects at our house! Always more than you bargain for!!!

  2. We wanted a claw foot tub in our new house, after shopping around Stephen told me no, they are "pretty" pricey, I check craigslist and found one for $200 that just needed a little cleaning up. Yay, I'm so happy to be getting one. Anyway I've seen tons of sinks on there too so you might try that.