Monday, April 2, 2012

Living Room makeover...

This has been a long time coming....the living room was one of the first rooms I painted when we found out the development company wasn't going to tear our house down.
And when I painted it then, I only did the walls. 
...that was about 5 years ago.
These are photos the real estate company took last spring when we put it up for sale...
 This time I chose a Valspar color called "Oxygen White" 
So here it is now--
Our house is small and older *translated* not alot of windows with natural light coming in.  I've learned that the darker, intense colors just seem to make it feel smaller....
When we redid the kiddos' room I tried hanging the curtains higher than the window frame to add some height to the room.  We have low ceilings.  And it I did it again here...
 Above are the office chairs we bought recently...I'm still on the hunt for a "cozy" chair for another corner...
 This would be Doodlebug's plane he just scored at the Easter Egg hunt he went to with Mamaw....
He kept telling me to turn the camera "sidewards" because he wanted the photo to be vertical...
 Finally we have replaced the shiny gold switch plates!!!!!  And knob on the closet door....that kind of stuff drives me nuts.  
I have no idea why I can't just let it go!!!!  Who really cares....seriously.  
 Some lovely lilacs that grow at our the colors on the coffee can...
 A wedding photo of my paternal grandparents....
One of my favorites.
And Charles Lindberg postcards...Doodlebug is pretty fascinated by that whole story....
 Here's my mantel.
The map is of a canoe trip my husband took to Quetico, Canada and I wanted to keep the rest of it simple so.... 
some candles, and the candle "holders" are glasses from Target.
 Love the colors on these!  But I change things alot around here so I don't like to spend too much on this kind of thing....
But they're fun for summer and bring color to that wall...they also match our kitchen so I'm sure we'll end up using them for what they were intended for!!!
Matching lovely are these?!?!??!
I believe they deserve their very own little post!

I used 3 colors of ASCP 
Old White
French Linen
Arles (interior)
 (see me in the left door???)
These are just too good to let go.
 I actually distressed these with a wet rag.
Yup.  Worked like a's part of the reason they need their own post.
Really like the warm of the Arles color inside

The details are gorgeous...
Painted over everything but the detailing on the sides with Old White.
 Nice to have storage that Mighty can't get into.  There is one shelf behind the solid part of the door that now hides all of our DVDs.
 My curtains.
They're shower curtains.
Not kidding.  
And they work great.  They were on clearance for $10 apiece and EXACTLY the look I wanted.  Graphic with the black, white and gray...AND they 're wider than traditional curtains so they cover the large picture window behind our couch.
 Still in love with my leopard print sofa too! And thinking about adding fun little details as we go....


  1. I love touring your room. My father was a 'tail gunner' in the army way back (WW2). He always talked about Jimmy Stewart and I don't remember if he was in the same "area" as he was or just that he was impressed with him. He told a story that Jimmy was too thin to enlist so he went out and bought a whole bunch of bananas and ate them all at once and then went back to weigh in and just made it. I don't know if the story is true, but that is something my dad told.

    You do know that the metal canister with the books is a hand warmer, right? I think it takes some sort of fuel and burns slowly to keep you toasty. I like the newer rug also. It goes along with the flooring.

    1. What a great story Helen! You know my husband restores airplanes right???? He's actually working on the Memphis Belle right now....He feels really blessed to have the job he does. We're also big Jimmy Stewart fans so it would be interesting to know if that story was true!
      The hand warmer came from a barn (my sister-in-law at Red Barn Revival) that belonged to her husband's grandma. And Chad just got a new hand warmer for Christmas so when they found this one they passed it on to us. I love it! Thanks for "touring" my home with me!!!!

  2. It looks great!!! I LOVE the book cases!! What a fun find! The color on the walls looks great too!

  3. Everything looks great! Love, love, LOVE the book cases.

  4. The post is showing the living room makeover. Good post