Monday, April 23, 2012

Handmade Leather Bag

 I revisited one of the first things I made to sell--
I've lost a little of my mojo I think!   I forgot some of my little tricks and remembered them as I was making the mistakes...

 Awhile back my husband started looking at the Billykirk website.  
(There's a link under "Inspirations" over on the bottom right..)
They make these amazingly simple hand stitched leather goods ---
one of which is a shoulder bag.

 I cannot get them out of my head.  And they're more than a little out of my price range...  
I'm going to have to take a go at making one here soon.

While we were at Tandy Leather to buy things for that project ---
I spotted this gorgeous remnant  of leather and had to buy it.  I think I paid $13 for it.
This bag used about 1/2 of it...

This bag was sewn on my Sailrite sewing machine.  So I'll have to try it again now that I've brushed up my skills!!!  Felt good to make one; I always enjoyed doing it and this leather was really beautiful....

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  1. Ummmm... Is there any thing you can't do? Maybe you could do a post about the few things your not good at;) j/k;)