Friday, December 30, 2011

Handmade baby shoes

We have alot of uncarpeted flooring in our house, so when I saw these cute, little felt shoes/slippers on the Martha Stewart website I thought they'd be fun to make for Mighty. 
These little grey ones are made from felt I got at JoAnn's fabric store...
I made the blue set first from some wool coating fabric I had on hand.
 And I also ended up sewing a circle of elastic to the back of the heel to keep them on better....
 My other addition was some cabinet liner between the layers of the sole so she wasn't sliding around in them.
 These are so much fun because she LOVES shoes!  And bracelets, and hair stuff, and hats.....
 This is right after we put them on :)!!!
 You can see the elastic band on the right shoe...
Of course you could decorate them lots of ways!!! I like the embroidered stuff since I know she can't pull it off....and eat it :)


  1. Super cute! I have never thought of makeing shoes like this, my Little Monkey would love them! Thanks for sharing!!

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