Monday, November 14, 2011

Bird bracelet

Recently I made this piece for a dear lady that has been a wonderful friend to me.

 This was a birthday present and her birthday was this past week-end so now I can  post photos without fear of her seeing them!
 She likes birds and I've never done anything like this before...and really don't have the "right" tools to do it.  But I sure did enjoy doing it and already made 2 more birds.
 The bird is brass, cut from flat stock
There is paper glued to the top of the metal surface and the bird on the right is the original pencil drawing I did....
This is the "rough" cut from the metal with the can use a jewelry saw which works alot better but I don't have one......YET....

  Then I filed down the edges (the bird above is copper) with a fine toothed file and sanded the whole thing with extra fine grit sandpaper (400 grit) 
 The bracelet is made from a bicycle husband makes these.  And I love how simple they are.  They also work great for adding charms.
Doodlebug and I have been using the water balloons and paper mache...
getting ready for the Holidays....

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