Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Leather Wrap bracelet

I've said it before...my brain never stops...
When we did our leather chairs for the dining room I had some leather pieces left, along with the dye and finishing spray

 I was already thinking about some cool bracelets I could make out of those...
 but we were busy with other things so it had to wait--- there are some things that I just cannot let go of until I try making it just to get it out of my head....
 And then my sweet Sister-In-Law gave me a jewelry catalog and said "I love these...but I bet you could make me one what do you think???"  
I took that as a sign:) it was time to give it a try...
 I ordered some smaller button studs (the little silver closure) today. I think these might be a little large for this bracelet....so darn I'll have to keep this one for myself to test it out :)
Don't worry Sister-in-Law....yours is already in the works!!!!!


  1. I kinda think that it's the other sis-in-law you were talking about but this sil would LOVE one!! Cutest thing ever!!

  2. I love this bracelet! Looks great! I just found out that you are related to two good friends of mine, Ellie and Melissa, what a small world!

  3. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!(Can you hear me squealing?)I'm so excited!! I knew you could do it!! Looks awesome!!