Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 This was yesterday's little project.  I think our table has a wax on it.  We have to have something to protect it when we have hot things on the table.  The numbers are my newest stencils I just bought, and I have already used the tar out of them!
 I wanted placemats that I could wash :) and something square as our table is a little bit narrower than most.
These are made from some of the left over drop cloth I used for my slipcovers.  I have washed both slipcovers by the way and they held up great!  Also washed my floursack slipcovers on my dinning room chairs and they have washed up great too.  
Love that I can throw them in and bleach them and they come out looking new. 
Posting a new photo on the Pickers page....

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