Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another necklace

 This one is for a dear friend I go to church with who's husband is a police officer...
 I love this idea.  I've done alot of mother's necklaces and things of that nature but this is really special.
Nice to do something for her.  I have such a huge respect and admiration for our police officers and especially their families!
Today I finished up the little kids' chair I bought over the weekend and a couple of pillow slips for the store.  We may have sold both of our metal topped tables!!!  I cannot believe how quickly things are selling.  The LORD has truly blessed.

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    I'm a friend of Mary Drake's. Just wanted to say thank you for your talent and creativeness. It's such a sweet thing we can do for Abbie. And it wouldn't be possible without you. :) I was also hoping to order a necklace for myself. My email address is, if you want to send an email and I can give you the details.

    Thanks so much,

    Kim Trout