Monday, May 16, 2011

House hunting

I've only moved 2 times in my life...both were because I got married.  My first marriage was a total disaster.  After about 2 months of marriage, he was diagnosed with something called Borderline Personality Disorder.  A fancy way of saying he was abusive.  GOD protected me in so many ways I cannot even begin to list them.  And then I met my soulmate.  We are happily married and living in the home he lived in (with his first wife)....except that now it's us and our two sweet babies and we've outgrown it.  But it's where God saw fit to leave us.  And in that time something funny happened....I kinda got attached to it doing all the work in it to improve it.
     I previously posted that we showed it twice -----and now we have a contract for them to buy it.  The inspection was today.  ALOT of emotions right now.  Excited to see what God has for our family next, scared that my sweet babies will struggle to adjust to a new place, worried about finding something we like that suits our needs, dreading packing up everything in our house, amazed that in the horrible housing market we were able to sell our home in only a few short months to the FIRST people who looked at it....God's like that.  Shaking things up just when you get comfortable:)  You just never know what He has in store.  Stay posted.  I'm still trying to work on things for Winsome Cottage.  I'm finding that very comforting right now.  Below are some pillow shams I finished up last week....hoping to work on some more tomorrow...


  1. Love the shams! I'm excited for you to see what God gives you. You know it will be perfect!! God is so good!

  2. Wow! You all must have your hands full with packing and trying to find a new home along with all the normal responsibilities like two little kids to care for. Mine were 3 and 10 months old when we moved almost 8 years ago so I can remember what it's like. Hang in there!