Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 I have a serious addiction to looking at certain decorating magazines.
 I'm sure this has no influence on me always wanting to try something new around my house....right?!?!?!?
 The thing I find interesting is that once I look at something it gives me other ideas.
 All of these pieces are from
I could decorate my whole house with their furniture---
 All of these pieces are gorgeous.  Although I 'd much rather have something that has some authentic age to it, I'm not against making something look that way.
 I just like to look at all of it.  And appreciate the simplicity of it.  Less is always more.


  1. Hey, I lost your email address. I would love to give that necklace away!!! Can you email me so we can work out the details? Thanks Sara.

  2. I too love sundance!! Love the RED clock!! Super cute!