Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Homemade Cinnamon Bread

One of my favorite childhood memories is my mom's homemade cinnamon bread...
  I was telling Doodlebug the other day that I can remember coming in from playing in the snow to drink hot chocolate and eat fresh baked bread -----
My sister in law over at Red Barn Revival gives us fresh eggs...if you've never used them to bake or cook with before you need to find somewhere to buy fresh eggs!!!!
So of course at the mention of the homemade bread my husband says "uuuuummmmm that sure sounds good...." *translated* "why don't you make us some!"  
Today I decided to try making it....I don't think I've ever made it  before.  I've done cinnamon rolls and we even did some sticky buns at Christmas time.....
 So here we are making bread....Mighty cried through the whole first part of this...maybe if she could EAT the bread she would've enjoyed the making part a little more.....
 Here's Doodlebug "helping"
and then letting it raise
 Soooo worth the wait and work!!!  The kitchen smells wonderful and it actually turned out really tasty! 
I think next time I'll divide the recipe and make two smaller loaves.  And definitely MORE cinnamon and sugar than it called for!!!


  1. Now, you're posting THAT picture.. but NO recipe?

    That's just mean. :-)

  2. You were too fast for me Mindy!!! LOL see the "Hers" page!

  3. I make a cinnamon raisen bread that is wonderful!! I love the smell of it when it is baking!!

  4. Yum...that looks delicious. I love toasted cinnamon bread. Happy St. Patrick's Day.
    xo, Rosemary