Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aluminum copper Anniversary bracelet

So for Christmas this year we were trying to be really careful about spending on each other due to the unexpected MacBook Pro purchase in December...we usually go all out since it's the only time we really buy for each other.....and my wonderfully sentimental and romantic husband made this for lucky am I?!?!!??!?!
The copper is riveted to the aluminum...both of which are hand hammered.  And the date stamped on it is our wedding date.  I know.  Very romantic....
There are more pictures here.  Hoping to get some plain, hammered aluminum cuffs to Winsome Cottage in the next week or so.
Tomorrow hoping to post some pictures of the jewelry I 've been making from my Grandma's beaded jewelry......we'll see how my sweet babies do....


  1. Hi, I'm Sara from, also kinda family,(Mr.Vintage is Chads cousin) I love your blog! Come on over and visit mine sometime.

  2. Thanks girls! Sara~~ LOVE the chair makeover....I so want to sew slipcovers for our couch and love seat. Just not enough time right now with 2 little ones. It's a BIG undertaking! Keep visiting I have soooo many pictures of jewelry to add...time just no time!!!!

  3. Gorgeous! How fun to see your romantic gift. Thanks for the comment on my blog... I used to be a jewelry designer so I am double delighted to see this. Hope your home sale goes as fast as our purchase did. Smiles your way, Rachel! I'll be back on your blog again.