Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waste basket book storage

We have a small house.....and with two little ones sharing a room I have to draw on all my creative skills to make it all work!

 These cute little waste baskets from IKEA were about $4 each....
 Perfect for book storage that Doodlebug can reach but Mighty can't...the bigger they get the trickier it gets.....especially with a boy and a girl.
They fit perfectly in this wasted space behind the door next to the closet....
  So we put his bed up on the loft (it's a bunk set) and put a higher table under it so he can have some personal space :) she can't reach....and he's totally enamored with the ladder and his "new" bed.
 Of course at our house when you change one thing that sets off a whole slew of moving things around to make it all fit....always reminds me of that little 15 game (with the squares you have to move around and try to get in order.....)
They are working great so far...

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  1. Great idea! However I'm unable to find these baskets on the IKEA website. Can you please provide more specific info? Thanks!